Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Monochromatic Edge Project

There was a time I considered B&W imagery far too simplistic and limited.  I don’t know about you, but my world is a veritable kaleidoscope of color in hues rich and subtle.  An endless variety of shade, tone, saturation & intensity.  Why would anyone ever choose to ignore that wondrous rich palette in favor of simplistic, limited and boring monochrome?
Completely unthinkable…

I blame the arrogant surety of youth.  It takes time to learn precisely how much one is ignorant of, and more time yet to admit it out loud.  As for wisdom?  I claim none, but happily - or perhaps sadly – the arrogance of youth no longer haunts my.  Every day I find I am more and more unsure of anything at all.  I no longer make blank assumptions or statements.  Hell, some days I can’t even remember to make sure my socks match or remember why wearing them might be a good idea….

Welcome to The Monochromatic Edge, the B&W project I swore I would never do…

I want to create an exceptionally ambitious collection of imagery that will reach out, grab the viewer and shake said viewer by the scruff of the neck.

I intended every image to provoke an emotional response – joy, sorrow, grief, pain, fear, despair, humor, something – in each and every viewer.  I decided the best approach to achieving this lofty goal is to dial back the noise – that kaleidoscope of color I mentioned earlier - in favor of the utter clarity of Black and White simplicity.  In other words, to focus the viewer’s attention on the sharp edge of life that Black & White imagery captures so ably.

Towards that end, I wish to work with talented individuals (both in and out of the modeling community) to create and document specific “Moments” designed to provoke my viewers into responding…

Model Requirements
This project is open to males, females, children, cats, dogs and other family members – in short anyone may participate. 

Adult participants must sign my Model Release and provide a copy of their state issued photo ID for my records.  A similar Model Release for minors must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Also, a copy of said parent’s/guardian’s state issued photo ID must be provided for my records.

Parents/Legal guardians must accompany minor children under 15 years of age while shooting.  Parents/Guardians are welcome, but not required, to accompany minor children 16 years of age & older while shooting.

The "N" Word:  Nudity
Some “Moments” captured for The Monochromatic Edge Project  will require nudity.  Please note I said “Some” and NOT “All” scenes.  Any scenes requiring nudity will be discussed fully prior to scheduling a session…

I am conducting The Monochromatic Edge Project as a Trade Shoot:

Models will receive up to 10 fully edited image files of their choice in both full-size print ready & low resolution web display formats, to use as they see fit.

Non-models get the same deal, but may elect to schedule a family (or other) portrait session instead.

Location is a variable that will change from session to session.  Playgrounds, City Parks, State Parks, a back alley, the odd corn or bean field, your own home, a motel room – just depends on what specific “scene” we are working on when we shoot. 

I am primarily an “Available Light” photographer, though I do occasionally use speed lights, light modifiers & the occasional reflector from time to time. 

My schedule is annoyingly open at present, so I am absolutely able to accommodate your busy schedule. 

Experienced and first time models both are welcome to participate.  You may be assured I will work with you to capture the best possible images and make the experience as fun as possible. 

A Few Possible Scenarios:
Family Oriented:  Paying the Bills, Family Picnic, The BBQ Party
Issue Oriented:  Street People, Days End, Jumper
Couple Oriented:  Walkabout, Engagement, Jealousy

Scenes completed so far:  The Morning After…, Serial Killer…, Bad Boy, Inc.

Escort Policy
Models are welcome to bring a companion/escort along for moral support, costuming assistance, protection (whatever) as long as I’m told in advance.  Surprise me with an unexpected guest and the session will be cancelled immediately.  I hate surprises…

Please note:  I have zero tolerance for high school drama on my shoots.  I go into each and every session with the full expectation that I am working with adults fully capable of discussing any and all issues that may arise.  Name calling, threats of violence and similar nonsense will result in the session's immediate termination and the deletion of all images taken to that point.  If necessary, I will call the police and press charges to the full extent allowable under the law.

Got a question I didn’t cover here? Want to schedule your session? Hit me with a message.  I’m here, camera at the ready... 

…and - - - Go!