Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Anonymous Nude

"There is nothing quite as erotic as a bare naked mystery..."  No clue who said it.  Hell, it may even have been me.  Regardless, welcome to my newest Fine Art Nude project, "The Anonymous Nude."  Here, I seek to collaborate with women - models and non-models alike - who revel in the allure of a Mystery...

It's long been a theory of mine (and others, come to think of it) hat 'naked' is neither erotic, nor necessarily beautiful.  It's just naked.  For a Nude to be be both erotic and beautiful, I believe it must include an air of mystery.  In the case of The Anonymous Nude that mystery will be achieved by actively, jealously conspiring to hide each model's identity from the viewer.

I intend The Anonymous Nude to be an eclectic B&W collection of beautiful, alluring and yes, even erotic imagery celebrating the Allure of Mystery.  When completed, I will be publishing The Anonymous Nude.  Initially in book form, but also as gallery quality prints, posters and as a calendar.

Model Requirements
Models must be female of legal age (& provide proof) to contract in their own name;
Models must sign my release form allowing publication;
Models must pose nude.

There are no other requirements for participation in The Anonymous Nude.  All women (of legal age) are welcome.  You are not too old, too heavy, too pierced, too inked up, too thin, too pale, too dark, or “too anything else” to be part of this project.  You are Woman.  You are Beauty.  You are Mystery.  And most of all, you are welcome here.

Session Locations
Locations will vary by session.  Most will be shot in either rented motel rooms, models’ homes or the occasional photo studio.  I am open to using other locations as well, and am more than willing to entertain any suggestions you may offer.

Wardrobe / Exposure
This is a nude project.  Wardrobe is NOT a concern.  Models will be working in the nude, though there will be a few sessions in which ‘The Mystery’ will include Implied rather than Full nudity.  This will be discussed in full prior to shooting.

It is strongly recommended models bring a robe to slip into between shots and during breaks from shooting.

I will be conducting The Anonymous Nude primarily as a Trade Shoot.  Those models willing to work with me on that basis will share in any profits derived from the sale of their images.  They will also receive their choice of 10 fully edited image files from our session in both full size printable and low resolution web display formats, to use as they see fit.

I do have a small budget from which I am willing to offer experienced nude models a fee for their time.  The fee amount available is dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to time shooting, rental space fees and model's experience.

Escort Policy
I allow models a single escort/companion on set when shooting, providing I'm told ahead of time the escort will be present.  (I hate surprises.)  I expect and require all individuals present (myself included) to behave as adults at all times.  At the first indication of unnecessary drama the session will be terminated and all images captured to that point, if any, will be deleted.

Miscellaneous Concerns
I do not have my own studio.  All model shoots are conducted “on location.”  That location may be as public as Navy Pier or as private as a motel room, rented photo studio or the model’s own home. 

I do not employ studio lighting.  I do use “speed lights” with wireless triggers and a variety of light modifiers as well as shooting with available light. 

I conduct all model sessions on weekends and holidays only.  Photography does not, as yet, pay my bills, so my employer continues to have “dibs” on my time during the week.  My work schedule does change from time to time, so I can occasionally offer a weekday session.  Feel free to ask, but please understand it may not be possible. 

Got a question I didn’t cover here? Want to schedule your session? Please let me know…

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