Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Batter Up! Revisited...

Take a pretty girl;
Dress her in short shorts, a low cut blouse, heels & baseball cap;
Add  a glove, bat & generous supply of baseballs;
Gently fold in a generous portion of sunshine & pour into a suitable Field of Dreams;
Include one slightly demented photographer and turn up the summer time heat…
Yield:  One incredibly sassy, non-nude, baseball themed pinup session!

I started Batter Up! back in 2007, intending to create my very first ever pinup calendar.  I managed to shoot just 5 of 12 sets before winter came crashing in with typical disregard.

After a somewhat lengthier delay (cough, cough) than anticipated, it’s time to blow the dust off this project and get it back on track.  So, come the warm weather, I’d like to reboot the project and start shooting for a new calendar... 

Model Requirements
1.)    Models  must be of legal age to contract in their own name;
2.)    Models must sign my model release;
3.)    Models must provide a copy of your State issued photo ID.

The Look we’re shooting for is fun, flirty, light hearted & very sassy.  We want to tease the fans, so lots of flirting, but no full on blatant nudity… 

Nothing too terribly outrageous needed.  Short shorts (“Daisy Dukes”) or Mini/Tennis skirt with a tight Tank, Halter, or a button-front blouse over brightly colored bra/bikini top.

And heels, too, of course…  Heels are ALWAYS a good idea…

The “N” Word, Nudity
There is absolutely NO nudity, full or implied, in this project.   

This is a “Trade Shoot.”  Participating models will receive up to 10 fully edited image files for their own use.  I will supply both full sized printable image files and low resolution web display versions.  

‘Batter Up!’ sessions will all be conducted “on location.” In this particular case, we will be shooting on a baseball field.  If there is a suitable field convenient to your home, I’m happy to shoot you there.  Otherwise, we’ll be shooting on a field of my choice.  

We'll settle on where exactly when we schedule your session.

Escort Policy
I allow my models a single escort/companion on set when shooting, providing I'm told ahead of time.  Chances are I may put your escort to work holding reflectors or moving lights and/or props.

I hate to have to mention it, but experience is a harsh teacher, so...

...I expect and require everyone present to behave at all times.  Adults should be able to discuss any and all issues arising during a shoot without resorting to name calling, threats of violence and similar displays of teenage angst.  This ain’t high school.  I have
zero tolerance for pointless “High School Drama” when shooting.

Should things become ”tense,” the session will be terminated, all images captured to that point deleted, and if necessary the Police will be summoned.  And yes, I will press charges to the full extent allowed under the law.  Life is just too short for childish nonsense… 

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