Friday, January 13, 2012

Batter Up!

Take a pretty girl;

Dress her in short shorts, a low cut blouse, heels & baseball cap;

Stir in a glove, bat & selection of baseballs;

Add a generous portion of sunshine & place gently in a Field of Dreams;

Stir in one slightly demented photographer and let the hotness commence…

Yield: One incredibly sexy, non-nude, baseball themed pinup session!

I started “Batter Up!” back in 2007, intending to create my very first ever pinup calendar. I managed to complete five of 12 model sessions before winter came rushing in to delay shooting.

After a somewhat lengthier delay (cough, cough) than anticipated, I think it’s time to blow the dust off this project and get it back on track. So, come springtime, I am going to need to begin shooting an additional 7 to 8 model sets so as to be able to prepare & publish in time for the 2013 calendar year.

Model Requirements
Female models must be of legal age to contract in their own name. A copy of your photo ID (Driver’s License, State ID) is required.
Models must sign my commercial release allowing publication.

The Look we’re shooting for is fun, flirty, light hearted & very, very sexy. The purpose here is to tease the viewer with your legs, cleavage, bare midriff and figure, so…

Nothing too terribly outrageous needed. Short shorts (“Daisy Dukes”) or Mini/Tennis skirt with a tight Tank, Halter, or Button front blouse (over brightly colored bra/bikini top.)

And heels, too, of course… Heels are ALWAYS a good idea…

The “N” Word, Nudity
There is absolutely NO nudity, full or implied, involved in this project.

I am conducting this project as a “Trade Shoot.” Participating models will share equally in any profits derived from the sale of the completed calendar. In addition, my models will receive up to ten fully edited image files for their use in both full size printable and low resolution web display formats.

Miscellaneous Stuff
All my model shoots are conducted “on location.” In this particular case, we will be shooting on a baseball field. If you live near a suitable field you’d like to shoot at, I’m happy to come to you. Alternatively, I have a few locations in the near north & northwest burbs that have worked well for me in the past…

Escort Policy
I allow my models a single escort/companion on set when shooting, providing I'm told ahead of time the escort will be present. (I hate surprises.) I expect and require all individuals present (myself included) to behave as adults at all times. Adults should be able to discuss any issues arising during a shoot without resorting to name calling, threats of violence and similar displays of teenage angst… Life is just too short.

I have absolutely zero tolerance for “High School Drama” when shooting, so be very clear up front that I will terminate the session & delete all images captured to that point at the first indication of any foolish displays of ire…

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