Friday, January 20, 2012

Story Time Ink

Everybody has heard the one about a picture being worth 1,000 words. This may well be the photo project that not only puts that notion to the test, but proves it incontrovertibly…

With Story Time Ink I am essentially setting myself up as a biographer to the most Uniquely Intriguing tattoo designs I can locate & convince to sit for me. I want to capture not only the dramatic beauty of the visible, but the equally intriguing invisible attributes as well. The “Who-What-Where-When-and-Why” of the Ink’s existence is as vital as the design itself…

When completed, the collection will be published, initially as a coffee table book, but I am also entertaining the possibilities of a calendar and gallery quality prints as well…

Model Requirements
Models must be of legal age (& provide proof) to contract in their own name;
Models must be willing to sign my release form allowing publication;

Story Time Ink is all about shooting Interesting Ink with an intriguing story. Pretty pictures are only half the deal on this one, folks. I also need to capture the story behind your skin are as well. Is it a tribute or memorial to someone now gone? A reminder of happier times? Sadder times? Where you came from? The result of too much shore leave in Singapore? Be prepared to share…

Session Requirements
Sessions are short, with time split evenly between shooting & discussing your Ink. I will be shooting a “standard ID headshot” for my files, as well as two views of each tattoo being included in the project.

The first view is a “wide angle” shot to locate the Ink’s placement on the body. The second view is a close up to capture your Ink’s fine detail…

Nudity is NOT the focus of this project. That being said, subjects will be requested to display their Ink fully to the lens. Depending on precisely where you have positioned your Ink on your body, that may be accomplished by the simple expedient of wearing a sleeveless top or shorts. In other cases, I may require you to remove an article of clothing briefly so as to capture the best possible view of your Ink.

Session Locations
I do not have my own studio, nor do I employ studio lighting. All of my model shoots are “on location” sessions using available light. I have, on occasion shot for this project in public venues, but when privacy has been required, sessions have been held in my model’s homes.

Story Time Ink is being conducted as a Trade Shoot. Participants will receive their choice of two fully edited image files (full size printable and low resolution web display formats) per tattoo included in the project. This does mean that those individuals having more tattoos will receive more images.

Escort Policy
I allow models a single escort/companion on set when shooting, providing I'm told ahead of time the escort will be present. (I hate surprises.) I expect and require all individuals present (myself included) to behave as adults at all times. At the first indication of unnecessary drama I will terminate the session & all images captured to that point, if any, will be deleted.

Miscellaneous Concerns
If you wish to have your Ink included but prefer to remain anonymous, I am more than willing to accommodate you. Your name and face need not appear in the completed works when published…

All model sessions are conducted weekends & holidays only. An occasional weekday morning session is possible depending on my schedule, though they are rare. It doesn’t hurt to ask, however…

Got a question I didn’t cover here? Want to schedule your session? Please let me know…

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