Monday, January 9, 2012


Toppers is a series I’ve had in the back of my mind for quite some time now. I think the New Year is a great time to start a brand new project – especially one that can weave in and out of all my others…

Toppers is a notion I’ve had in mind for a couple years now. I want to do a series of Fine and Casual Portraits of models (and real people too) both wearing & posing with as many variety of hats as I can manage…

This particular project will in all likelihood be shot as a stand alone series, but may well blur the lines a bit, in that some shots for Toppers will have been captured for After Dark, Holiday Hunnies, or even my American Postcard projects…

I am planning on publishing – separately or as part of another collection – shots taken for Toppers. Photo books, calendars, gallery prints, posters, etc. are all possibilities…

Model Requirements
First, this project is open to everyone; male, female, other...
Models must sign my commercial model release and provide proof they are of legal age to do so. A copy of your Driver’s license (or other state issued photo ID) will suffice.
In the case of minors, a parent or legal guardian may sign for their child.

First and foremost, a hat! It can be a fedora, bowler, cowboy hat, floppy brimmed sun hat, stocking cap, top hat, ball cap, flap hat or beanie. Doesn’t really matter, as long as it is definitely a hat.

Other attire is variable. If your Toppers session is being shot in conjunction with another project, then the wardrobe requirements for THAT project will determine.

If your session is being shot as a “stand alone” set, your attire must complement your hat for the overall Look we’re shooting for.

The "N" Word: Nudity
Toppers in and of itself does not require nudity. However, some of my other projects and collections (Holiday Hunnies, American Postcards, etc.) do require nudity. If we’re shooting for one of those projects, and including a hat, then yes, nudity will be required for Toppers. Otherwise, no…

I am conducting Toppers as a Trade Shoot. Participants will receive their choice of up to 10 fully edited image files in full size printable and low resolution web display formats.

I do not have a studio. All of my model shoots are conducted as “on location” sets. Toppers is no exception. The choice of location is variable. I have shot in venues as public as Navy Pier or a neighborhood park and as private as my model’s home or a rented motel room. The choice I leave to my model.

I am an “Available Light” photographer only; I do not use studio lighting.

I shoot weekends almost exclusively, but depending on your location, we may be able to schedule a weekday session. It doesn't hurt to inquire…

I am happy to shoot with experienced models interested in collaborating on the project, but I also welcome first-timers.

You may be assured I will work with you to capture the best possible images, no matter your level of experience, and I will endeavor to make the experience as fun as possible.

My Escort Policy: Models are welcome to bring a companion/escort along for moral support, costuming assistance, protection (whatever) as long as I’m told in advance. Surprise me with an unexpected guest and the session will be cancelled immediately. I hate surprises…

Please note that I have zero tolerance for high school drama on my shoots. I go into each and every session with the full expectation that I am working with adults fully capable of discussing any and all issues that may arise. Name calling, threats of violence and similar nonsense will result in the session's immediate termination and the deletion of all images taken to that point. If necessary, I will call the police and press charges to the full extent allowable under the law.

Got a question I didn’t cover here? Want to schedule your session? Time to hit me with a message. I’m here, camera at the ready... Go!

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