Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Postcards Project

Once upon a time, long before Hefner came along with his magazine and bestowed all sorts of "social respectability" on pictures of nekkid ladies, there were French Postcards:  Single image cards proudly showcasing nekkid ladies in all their glory.  The images were harshly lit.  Quite often they were poorly composed.  No two cards were ever uniform in size or finish.  The women featured in the images were “real,” complete with curves and rolls and sags and all manner (by today’s standards) of flaws.  They rarely smiled.

They were absolutely  magnificent!

American Postcards is inspired by those French Postcards of yesteryear, but is intended to be a unique, eclectic even, look at “Today’s Woman.” 

By ‘eclectic’ I mean my collection will be comprised of great variety.  There will be Art Nudes, Editorial Nudes, Implied Nudes. Glamour Nudes & even a few Pinup Nudes.  The Collection will tend to B&W, but a few color images will likely be quietly slipped into the mix. 

I intend my images to be flirtatious and fun and edgy, somber, moving, humorous, and if I do my job right, thought provoking.  I want the viewer to see beauty is not solely about form or shape or color, but more accurately about confidence.  And attitude.  And self respect.

When complete, I will be publishing the Collection.  Initially in book & calendar form, but also as Gallery-quality prints available for purchase.  If the Powers That Be are kind, I hope to be featured in a Gallery Show.  One day…

Model Requirements
1.  Models must be of legal age to contract in their own name & provide a copy of their State Issued Photo ID for my records.
2.  Models must sign a release allowing publication of the images we create;
3.  Models will be posing nude, though not necessarily fully so.

There are no other requirements.  All women (of legal age) are welcome to participate.  None of you are too old, too heavy, too pierced, too inked up, too thin, too pale, too dark or “too anything” to be part of this project. 

You are Woman.  You are Beauty.  You are welcome.

Session Locations
I anticipate shooting in a variety of locations including but not limited to motel rooms, farms, industrial parks, woods, corn fields, basements, back alleys, & even the occasional rented studio. 

Which is a long winded way of pointing out I do not have a studio, nor do I employ studio lighting.  Two reasons – the first of course is I can’t afford a studio of my own and the second is I enjoy the creative challenge of constantly adapting to a new environment.
More on this topic shortly…

Wardrobe / Exposure
This is a nude project.  Wardrobe is NOT a large concern, however, I do plan to include a few implied & partial nudes in the Collection.  Models should expect to be working nude, though full exposure to the camera lens may be limited by artful use of props, clothing, draperies and model positioning. 

I respectfully request Models remove any clothing with elastic at least 1 hour before we are scheduled to begin.  This includes your bra, socks, pantyhose & any other garment with an elastic band.  Also your watch & bracelet.  We want your skin to look as pristine as possible – impressions left in your skin from too tight bands defeats out purpose.

Also, I suggest bringing a robe to slip into between shots and during breaks.

Miscellaneous Concerns

As mentioned earlier, I do not have a studio, nor do I employ studio lighting.  All of my shoots are conducted “on location” using available light.  If you are expecting a studio session, it most likely isn’t gonna happen here...    

I do use speed lights from time to time, along with reflectors & light modifiers.  Not quite as effective as full on studio lights, but they have the advantage of being both portable and cost effective.  The images you see in this blog post were all shot using the equipment described.  Honest!

I am conducting American Postcards as a Trade Shoot.  Those ladies willing to work with me will receive up to 10 full edited image files ready for printing.  Also, a matching set of low-res web display files for uploading to on-line portfolios & other social media.  I do request that you upload only the Web Display versions to your social media accounts.

Escort Policy
Models are welcome to bring a companion/escort along for moral support, costuming assistance, protection (whatever) as long as I’m told in advance.  Surprise me with an unexpected guest and the session will be cancelled immediately.  I hate surprises…

Please note:  I have zero tolerance for high school drama on my shoots.  I go into each and every session with the full expectation that I am working with adults fully capable of discussing any and all issues that may arise.  Name calling, threats of violence and similar nonsense will result in the session's immediate termination and the deletion of all images taken to that point.  If necessary, I will call the police and press charges to the full extent allowable under the law.

Got a question I didn’t cover here? Want to schedule your session? Hit me with a message.  I’m here, camera at the ready... 

…and - - - Go!

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