Thursday, December 22, 2011

American Postcards Project Detail

Once upon a time, long before Hefner came along with his magazine and bestowed all sorts of "social respectability" on pictures of nekkid ladies, there were French Postcards: Single image cards proudly showcasing nekkid ladies in all their glory. The images were harshly lit. Quite often they were poorly composed. No two cards were ever uniform in size or finish. The women featured in the images were “real,” complete with curves and rolls and sags and all manner of (by today’s standards) flaws who only rarely ever smiled...

They were magnificent!

American Postcards is inspired by those French Postcards of yesteryear, but is intended to be a unique collection of Fine Art, Glamour/Pinup & Editorial style nudes focusing on “Today’s Woman.” I intend my images in this collection to be flirtatious, fun, edgy, humorous, somber, moving and, if I do my job correctly, thought provoking. I want the viewer to see that beauty is about more than form, shape, dimension and/or color; it's about confidence and attitude and self respect.

I will be publishing the collection when complete. Initially in book form, but gallery quality art prints, posters, calendars and even website usage are all distinct possibilities. As well as one or two other formats I’m going to keep to myself for the moment...

Model Requirements
Models must be of legal age (& provide proof) to contract in their own name;
Models must be willing to sign my release form allowing publication;
Models must be willing to pose nude.

There are no other requirements for participation in “American Postcards.” All women (of legal age) are welcome. You are not too old, too heavy, too pierced, too inked up, too thin, too pale, too dark, or “too anything else” to be part of this project. You are Woman. You are Beauty. You are Welcome.

Session Locations
I anticipate shooting in a variety of locations including but not limited to motel rooms, models’ homes, farms, industrial parks, back alleys, apartments and even the occasional rented studio. Location will vary by session…

Wardrobe / Exposure
This is a nude project. Wardrobe is NOT a large concern, however, I do anticipate sessions featuring implied nudes and models partially clothed. Models should expect to be working nude, though full exposure to the camera lens may be limited by artful use of props, clothing, draperies and model positioning.

It is strongly recommended models bring a robe to slip into between shots and during breaks from shooting.

American Postcards is being conducted primarily as a Trade Shoot. Those ladies willing to work with me on a Trade basis will qualify for my profit sharing plan in which my subjects receive an equal share of any profits derived from the sale of their images. They will also receive their choice of 10 fully edited image files from our session in both full size printable and low resolution web display formats to use as they see fit.

I do have a small budget from which I am willing to offer experienced nude models a fee for their time. The fee amount available is subject to negotiation and is dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to time shooting, rental space fees and model's experience.

Escort Policy
I allow models a single escort/companion on set when shooting, providing I'm told ahead of time the escort will be present. (I hate surprises.) I expect and require all individuals present (myself included) to behave as adults at all times. At the first indication of unnecessary drama I will terminate the session & all images captured to that point, if any, will be deleted.

Miscellaneous Concerns
I do not have my own studio, nor do I employ studio lighting. All of my model shoots are “on location” sessions using available light. If you are expecting a studio session, it most likely isn’t gonna happen here...

All model sessions are conducted during weekends & holidays only. I do make the occasional exception to this rule, so feel free to ask. Weekday sessions are possible, if not very likely...

Got a question I didn’t cover here? Want to schedule your session? Please let me know…

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