Friday, December 30, 2011

The Martini Life

Welcome to “The Martini Life…”

This project is going to be a wee bit more eclectic than is my usual wont… “The Martini Life” is all about everything “Martini.” I plan on including pinup shots, tributes to Hollywood (big & little screens), still life images, posters, fantasy recipes, and yes, you can count on there being a considerable amount of photo shopping in the creation of this Collection…

My original intent was to publish a sort of ‘Fantasy Guide to the Ultimate Martini,’ complete with recipes (real & not) superimposed on complementary images. I’ve since expanded to focus to include all things “Martini,” meaning the completed collection will include Martini themed pinups, editorial B&W imagery, still life shots, a series of posters, and no I haven’t forgotten, Martini recipes…

I hope to publish the completed collection in book and calendar format, and if everything goes well, as gallery quality prints as well…

Model Requirements

Male, Female and Others are welcome to participate – as long as everyone is of legal age to contract in their own name. A copy of your state issued ID is reuired.

Models must sign my commercial release allowing publication of their images.

There will be “location” & “green screen” type model shoots for both single and multi model sessions.

Attire will depend entirely on the specific shoot we are conducting. Wardrobe possibilities will range from “Top Hat and Tails” formal to “Full Nekkid” casual and most anything and everything in between. Wardrobe is entirely dependent on the specific “scene” and/or “Look” being shot for that session…

Most of the sessions for this project will be conducted as a “Trade Shoot” with a twist. I do have a profit sharing plan in which my models are eligible for an equal share of any profits made from the sale of their images. Trade models will also receive 10 fully edited image files – in both full-size printable and low resolution web display formats – of their choice at no charge.

I do have a small budget from which I am willing to offer experienced nude models a fee for their time. The fee amount available is subject to negotiation and is dependent on a number of factors, including but not limited to time shooting, rental space fees and model's experience

The “N” Word, Nudity
I do plan on several shoots involving nudity – implied, full and lingerie – however this will be discussed fully & honestly with the models prior to shooting. Skin is a requirement for only some of the shots I have in mind, not all and certainly not even a majority of them…

Escort Policy
I allow my models a single escort/companion on set when shooting, providing I'm told ahead of time the escort will be present. (I hate surprises.) I expect and require all individuals present (myself included) to behave as adults at all times. At the first sign of any unnecessary “High School Drama” the session will be terminated and ALL images to that point deleted. 

Adults should be able to discuss any issues arising during a shoot without resorting to name calling, threats of violence and similar displays of teenage angst… Life is just too short.

Miscellaneous Stuff
All my model shoots are conducted “on location.” Most in public venues (Navy Pier, neighborhood park, etc.) or in my models’ homes. I have also been known to rent studio space or motel rooms in which to shoot.

Almost all my model shoots are conducted during weekends and holidays. Depending on your location & the times involved I may be able to work in a weekday session for you, but no promises…

Scenes and Themes
Tributes: The Rat Pack, Hawkeye Pierce…
Groups: The Cocktail Hour; Park Sit-In, Granny Clampett’s Rheumatiz Party

Singles: 5:01 PM, The Mixologist, The Bubble Bath

Martini Girls: A colorful series of pinup posters featuring Nearly Nude & Lingerie clad cuties superimposed on, in and around a Fantasy Martini Concoction.

Implied Nudes: The Bubble Bath Martini, With A Twist; The Gibson Girl…

Nudes: Photoshop heavy imagery in which creative lighting & a twisted keyboard will convert nude models into Martini Glasses, Garnish Skewers, which in turn may well find themselves inserted into other non-nude images…

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